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“Getting an award is proof of excellence.”

Many awards have a number of excellent businesses vying for them. They can be a means of assessing your business strength against others in a similar field and providing comparisons with others in your sector or that of other sectors.

Metal Trophies

Typically a metal trophy is hand crafted, electro plated, and finished with brass, silver or gold with high quality polish. Metal Trophies resembles the proof of Excellence.

Crystal Trophies

Regardless of the reason for giving it, crystal's sparkling beauty is always a suitable way to say 'thank you'. Star, diamond, colored crystal trophies from size as small as 4" to 14" we have them all.

Sports Medals & Badges

Medals are meant for recognizing and awarding people, organizations or teams for various types of achievements including sports, academic, scientific, artistic or various other achievements.

Plaques & Momentoes

We use plaques or an ornamental plate as awards or to honor special achievements, events, corporates, employees, people, memberships, partnerships etc.

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A Piece of Art: Some of our Custom Made Trophies